Beat Old Man Winter at 192 Pleasant Street

Buyers of 192 Pleasant enjoy, don’t stress winter

Happy Friday the 13th!

Tired of the snow? Boston is staring at another blizzard warning this weekend!

Old Man Winter 2

Old Man Winter 1

Old Man Winter 3

Don’t get stuck like this poor guy who has spent hours removing the record snowfall from his porch, his stairs, his walkway, his sidewalk, his driveway, his car and most recently even his roof! The hoi polloi run around looking for salt, snow blowers, and roof rakes. True New England Pros are looking to move into 192 Pleasant Street where they can enjoy breathtaking natural winter views of the river below. A two car garage keeps their cars warm and dry. And their professional management company provides them peace of mind knowing their driveways are clear and their walkways are safe.

New England dishes out some fierce winter conditions, but it also offers some of the best adventures and most beautiful scenes for those who know where to find them.

Stay Warm New England!

Rob and Matt
Your Landmark Team